Build and host Zapier landing pages for free.

Zapier makes it easy to connect hundreds of integrations. With Zapier you can create simple or complex tasks. Pulling data from one app and pushing it to another. We have created a tool that gives you the power to send you leads anywhere with Zapier.

The Landing Lion team has just pushed out an easy-to-setup integration for Zapier. This means you will be able to use Landing Lion to create high-converting landing pages, and automatically transfer all the leads you have collected into Zapier then to any CRM you use.

We want our customers to do what they do best. Keep creating stunning landing pages, and we'll take care of the rest.

How do I integrate Zapier with Landing Lion?

Follow the steps in our help article to integrate with Zapier

We're currently working on adding more integrations. Let us know what integrations you'd like us to add to our list to make your landing pages even better.

Build and host Zapier landing pages for free

Start from a library of customizable Zapier landing page templates