Build and host SendGrid landing pages for free.

We like to think that Landing Lion is one of the best ways you can generate leads that matter to your business. After you've gathered leads, it's time to send them some content. Who can you trust with these critical emails? If you're looking for an effective and reliable way to send emails to your leads, turn your attention to SendGrid.

What can SendGrid do for me?

SendGrid is an email solution that lets you send any volume of emails securely and confidently, without having to be concerned with the complications that come with managing email services. This means no more having to worry about email server maintenance or monitoring your email reputation - SendGrid will take care of all the technicalities for you.

Why SendGrid?

There's a reason massive companies like Spotify and Uber trust SendGrid with their all-important emails: SendGrid will get your email where it needs to go. Their world-class email deliverability experts work tirelessly so you can be confident that your email will arrive and your sending reputation stays top notch. Look no further than SendGrid if you need an email marketing solution you can trust and scale with your business.

How does Landing Lion work with SendGrid?

When a page visitor submits their information through one of your forms, Landing Lion automatically forwards this information to your SendGrid account and adds them to your marketing campaigns. Waste no time sending your potential customers valuable emails - we'll make sure they get to SendGrid and SendGrid will make sure they get your emails!

How do I integrate SendGrid with Landing Lion?

Follow the steps in our help article to start building SendGrid landing pages.

We're currently working on adding more integrations. Let us know what integrations you'd like us to add to our list to make your landing pages even better.

Build and host SendGrid integrated landing pages for free

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