Build and host AWeber landing pages for free.

Creating pages with Landing Lion is an amazing way to generate leads that matter to your business who want to engage with your business. So what do you do after you get these addresses? Send every single one a simple text email to say hi? We have a better idea. Introducing Landing Lion + AWeber. 

AWeber is an email marketing solution that lets you make the most of your email address collection. Impress your new customers with professional custom emails, and then make the emails work hard for you by automating their flow and tracking their performance.

How does AWeber work?

AWeber keeps track of all your subscribers through their tagging and list features. After you've gathered these emails, you can create aesthetically-pleasing and professional-looking emails through their drag-and-drop editor and template collection. You can then automate the delivery of these emails; maybe you want to start with a welcome email, and then a couple days later send a promotion email and so on. Finally, measure their performance with AWeber's tracking features, which can tell you things like how many people opened your emails or click your links.

So how does it work with Landing Lion? 

When a visitor submits a form on your page, we will store all that information for you to check out whenever you want. Why stop there though? We can go ahead and send all that information directly to your AWeber account! We'll tag your new leads however you like and send them to the lists of your choosing, where you can immediately start engaging with them through quality emails.

How do I integrate AWeber with Landing Lion?

Follow the steps in our help article to integrate with AWeber.

We're currently working on adding more integrations. Let us know what integrations you'd like us to add to our list to make your landing pages even better.

Build and host AWeber landing pages for free

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