Build and host CallRail integrated landing pages for free.

Creating pages with Landing Lion is a great way to generate leads who want to engage with your business. So how do you know which campaign is driving the most inbound phone calls with high qualifying leads?  

Introducing Landing Lion + CallRail. Starting today, you can easily integrate call tracking on your landing page with CallRail's dynamic number insertion.

What is CallRail?

CallRail is a call tracking and analytics provider. CallRail’s intuitive software helps data-driven marketers optimize the performance of their advertising campaigns, increase sales effectiveness, and improve customer retention. From call tracking, routing, recording, and analytics, CallRail provides valuable data about your inbound leads and customers to help grow your business.

So how does it work with Landing Lion? 

CallRail provides a dynamic tracking number for each of the landing pages you build in Landing Lion. When a visitor navigates to your landing page from one of the campaign sources you’re tracking, CallRail’s software will detect the phone numbers on your landing page and automagically swap them with the correct tracking number. We will instantly send all that information directly to your CallRail account.

How do I integrate CallRail with Landing Lion?

Follow the steps in our help article to integrate with CallRail.

We're currently working on adding more integrations. Let us know what integrations you'd like us to add to our list to make your landing pages even better.

Build and host CallRail integrated landing pages for free

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