How A/B Split Tests Can Optimize Conversion Rates

Today, consumers believe they should receive marketing messages that are tailored to their unique needs. Experienced marketers know that the more personal an experience is for your site visitor the more likely they are to convert and buy from you. Which is why they end up spending countless hours debating every little detail, from copy to design, and most of the time the end result is just a gut feeling.

No marketer truly knows what welcome message is better for your new Facebook ad campaign or which call-to-action copy will get you more leads for you Google Ads. Fortunately, there is a tried-and-true method marketers use to uncover the truth – it's called Split Testing.

If you want to figure out what copy, design, or messaging works best for your landing page run a split test.

Running an A/B split test lets you narrow down faster which copy, design, or messaging will generate the best ROI. Split tests are also a great way to try out a new idea and see if it yields better results.

Pro-Tip: Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing uses the same core mechanism as A/B split testing, but compares a higher number of variables (rather than just two variables like A/B tests or split tests do). And often times reveals more information about how these variables interact with one another.

Recent reports that running an A/B split test can help boost your conversion rate by 14%, but that running a multivariate test can lead to a 27% increase in conversion rate.

In Landing Lion you can run both A/B split test and multivariate test in Landing Lion - click here to learn more.

Test Every Idea

With Landing Lion's unlimited A/B split testing and multivariate testing tool, you’re not limited to simply testing two designs variants (or page design). Compare as many variants as you want in parallel at the same time and get the best result faster.

Whenever you get a new idea it only takes seconds to test it! Simply make a new page variant and weave in your idea.

Once your page is live and you notice one of its variants outperforming the others then start directing more traffic to it - all you have to do is click, drag and release.

Pro-Tip: Testing multiple variants

Testing multiple variants will improve your conversion rates more quickly and reliably than you could with a series of A/B tests.

Narrow Down To What Works

After your page is live, its essential to narrow down on which design variant works best. With Landing Lion, get instant insight into which variant is performing best minute-by-minute, letting you direct traffic from what isn't working to what is.

See which variant has visitors spending more time on your site, which has them bouncing away before reaching the call-to-action and more.

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