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Google AdWords Landing Page Checklist

Use this checklist to help optimize your Google AdWords landing page for conversions.

Not quite sure if your Google AdWords landing page is ready to go live?

No worries! We created a Google AdWords Landing Page Checklist just for you. You can use this 16-point checklist to audit your landing page, and after you’re finished you can make a list of action items from the checkpoints you missed.

1. Headlines Message

○ Is your headline focused on one topic and one goal?

○ Does your headline directly relate to your offer and CTA?

○ Does your headline mention your unique value proposition or selling point?

2. Subheadline

○ Does this include your unique value proposition?

○ Does it give your landing page visitors more clarity on your offer?

○ Does it support the same single goal of the call-to-action (CTA)?

3. Message Match

○ Does your landing page CTA match the copy and text in your ad?

○ If visual elements were used in your ad, do you include those visual elements on your landing page as well?

4. Readability

○ Can someone skim your landing page and still understand the offer?

○ Is the font large and legible?

5. Urgency

○ Does your landing page create a sense of urgency — pushing the user to act?

○ Are you tapping into your visitor’s psychological senses?

6. Visual Elements

○ Do you have images or video of your product or service?

○ Are they an accurate representation of your product or service works?

○ Does your image support the same single goal of the CTA?

7. Branding

○ Is your brand identity on your landing page prominent?

○ Does the page include your branded colors and identity?

8. Call-To-Action (CTA)

○ Is your CTA button easy to find?

○ Does the CTA button color contrast and stand out from the rest of the page?

○ Did you avoid generic CTA copy (i.e. submit, click here)?

○ Are you super specific in your CTA message?

○ Are there click triggers you can add below your button to influence conversions?

9. Focus Ratio

○ Did you remove any links that aren’t associated with your CTA or conversion goal?

○ Did you remove your header and footer navigation?

○ Is your landing page easy to move through?

○ Do visitors know what action they need to take?

○ Do you have a focus ratio that is 1:1?

10. Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

○ Did you clearly define your unique value proposition?

○ Do visitors know your offer benefits them?

○ Did you include key benefits in your copy/messaging?

Pro-Tip: Focus the user on one goal”

Your UVP should be reflected at every possible opportunity on your landing page: your headline, sub-header, copy, image, CTA, etc. This all comes together to support your single page goal. The more pronounced your UVP, the higher your chance of converting your visitors.

11. The 7-Second Test

○ Did you pass the 7-second test?

○ Simple as it sounds – if your audience can’t figure out what your CTA goal is within the first seven seconds of scanning your landing page, you need to make it more clear.

12. Social Proof

○ Did you include social proof on your landing page?

○ Is the social proof relevant to your target customer and conversion goal?

○ Do you have evidence of testimonials or quotes from clients or customers?

○ Are your testimonial examples credible and realistic?

○ Did you use real quotes, images and people in your testimonials?

13. Form Length

○ Have you tested the length of your form to see which is optimal? Too often people assume shorter forms are better, and often times this is not the case.

Pro-Tip: Utilizing multi-step forms

When using a long form on your landing page it’s good to break it up into micro conversions (or multiple steps). Ask non-intrusive and easy to answer questions in the first part of your form, and warm up your visitors for the more important questions towards the end (like their contact information or budget).

14. Responsive (Mobile Friendly)

○ Is your Google AdWords landing page mobile responsive?

○ Have you tested your landing page on a mobile device and tablet?

○ How does it feel when scrolling?

○ Is all of the content and visual elements properly aligned and spaced?

Pro-Tip: Mobile first indexing

With Google having rolled out mobile-first indexing, this is extremely critical to Quality Score.

15. Minimize Distractions

○ Did you use enough white space?

○ Is your design clean and free of clutter?

○ Do you have a 1:1 focus ratio?

○ Did you leave out any unnecessary questions or info?

○ Did you comb through your copy and clean out any extra wording?

Pro-Tip: Simplicity is key

Keep your messaging and all other elements on your landing page as simple as possible so that the CTA goal remains free of distractions. 

16. Conversion Tracking

○ How do you plan to track conversions?

○ Have you created a thank you page for the user to navigate to after they convert?

○ Do you have a tracking pixel installed on your landing pages? You can track conversion easily on landing pages built in Landing Lion without having to install a tracking pixel - click here to learn how.

Pro-Tip: Set up conversion tracking on a thank you page

Creating a thank you page can be a great way to track conversions. Simply install a conversion pixel that's triggered once a new signup or subscriber lands on that page.

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