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We've got it all — a best-in-class page builder, a library of free designer-made templates, domains with free and secure hosting, best practice HTML for optimized SEO, A/B split tests, lead generation, conversion rate optimization tools, visitor tracking, premium support and more — all bundled up into one single platform.

A Better Page Builder

Creating stunning pages is easier and faster than ever with our best-in-class page builder.

Buttery smooth drag and drop

Do it yourself with easy drag and drop. Create, edit and customize - no tech skills needed. Choose from a library of templates we've built with our own page editor or quickly rebuild any design you find from a blank template. 

Automagically mobile responsive

Convert visitors and generate leads on any device. Every page you build, no matter the layout or design, automatically renders beautifully across every device.

Industry leading SEO

Rank higher on Google than ever before without extra work. Pages built with Landing Lion’s builder have the industry’s most SEO compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Integrated forms

Instantly forward leads captured to your preferred lead management or CRM software. We add new integrations regularly. Reach out if there is one you want us to add.

Enterprise grade security

All Landing Lion pages come with a free SSL certificate, which we create and renew for you automatically. Let visitors know their information is secure and improve your Google search rankings.

Build infinite pages

Whether you are testing a different design hypothesis or delivering a more personal experience, with Landing Lion there is no limit to the number of pages you can make, letting you build fast and often.

Embedded optimization tools

Know where, when and why your visitors bounce so you can improve conversion rate optimization (CRO) and return on investment (ROI).

Use your domain

Publish your stunning Landing Lion page to our dedicated in-house servers, your WordPress site, or any domain you bought from a 3rd party like GoDaddy or Google Domains.


Look like an expert designer

Pick from a library of original templates made by our award-winning designers for every industry, easily customizable to any fit brand. We hand-craft every template in Landing Lion using our own Page Builder.

Easily customizable

Safely customize templates in minutes to fit any industry, without getting frustrated.

Save your own

Save any landing page you create as a reusable template. Have your own private library of custom on-brand templates.

A/b Split Tests

Test & Optimize

Debating which landing page design works best is a guessing game. A/B split tests lets you truly narrow down on the most effective design for your traffic.

Test infinitely & learn what works

With Landing Lion, you can test infinite designs on a single URL for free – letting you optimize, saving you money.

Get personal with visitors

Nowadays people expect a thoughtful experience the moment they click an ad. Test different ideas and see what connects at a personal level.

Visitor Tracking

Capture everything. Replay anything.

Landing Lion provides you with a comprehensive set of tools that let you analyze visitor data to uncover trends and valuable insights. Every page built in Landing Lion's builder comes with our Visitor Tracking baked-in - no extra work, just click publish.

Lead management

Search, sort, filter leads that visit your landing pages. Learn which leads are hot and close to converting, and which are cold and slipping away.

Visitor timelines

Analyze how visitors journey throughout your web of pages to patch leaks and fix pain points - optimize your web traffic.

Replay behavior

Watch video replays of how visitors behave when they visit your pages on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Every mouse click, page scroll, form submission and more. 

campaign analytics

More leads. More conversions. Less effort.

Landing Lion provides you with insight into what works and where you need to optimize - improving your engagement, getting you more leads, conversions and a better ROI on your current web traffic.

Conversion rate optimization

Get contextual user engagement data. Easily track specific events as you build (like an image click or a file download) within any page and learn how people actually engage with it.

Analyze visitor traffic

See where visitors are coming from (e.g. Facebook) and learn which traffic source is most cost effective - focusing your marketing efforts, getting you the best ROI.

Learn the best channels

Understand where your visitors are located in the world and learn which markets are best for any ad campaign.

Start building better landing pages for free.

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