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Yancey Bros. Co. Streamlines Marketing With Landing Lion

Amanda Hague

Digital Marketing Specialist at Yancey Bros.

Company Profile

Yancey Bros. Co. is the oldest Caterpillar dealer in the United States. Founded in 1914, the company has been fundamental in Georgia’s growth over the last 100 years. Today, they offer power generation products and services to customers around the globe.


B2B, Resellers, Heavy Machinery

Use Case

Yancey Bros. Co. used Landing Lion to reduce the amount of time required to build a landing page, easily create pages that were optimized for mobile, create build better and secure forms on their landing pages, and gave them the ability to track visitors to better understand customer journeys.

The Challenge

Amanda Hague, the Digital Marketing Specialist at Yancey Bros. Co., knows landing pages are essential to effectively market their products and services. However, there is one problem: Amanda and her team spend an entire day (nine or more hours) to build a single landing page with their current technology, IBM SilverPop. And, to avoid more time spent, they don’t consider mobile-responsiveness, on-brand design, security, or SEO optimization.

This isn’t because Amanda and her team fail to understand their current technology, they are veterans with years of experience. Instead, it’s because the technology used is cumbersome, clunky, and outdated. In today’s digital marketing landscape, nine hours for a simple, desktop only, insecure landing page is not acceptable.

Amanda on what motivated her to start using Landing Lion:

"We needed a way to create multiple landing pages quickly that would increase our conversion rates and help us track leads."

The Solution

Amanda and her team at Yancey Bros. Co. were on the hunt for a solution that would let them build landing pages lightning-fast. They needed to respond to market demands within an hour, instead of a full day. They also wanted pages that were good on mobile and be SSL certified. With this technology, Amanda and her team could capture more leads with existing ads and expand Yancey Bros. Co.’s marketing efforts – widening their marketing potential without increasing the budget.

In addition to building quickly, Amanda’s team wanted to keep a closer eye on people that visited their landing pages. With this data, they could access deep customer insight and learn where ad dollars are best spent. This meant Amanda needed landing pages with visitor tracking analytics already installed. After looking everywhere, Amanda discovered Landing Lion. The only solution that had both the page builder and the analytics Yancey Bros. Co. marketing team needed. 

With Landing Lion, Amanda and her team now build a landing page in less than an hour, something that previously took an entire work day. Additionally, because Landing Lion lets Amanda’s team respond quickly to market demands, they capture more leads than ever before.

Not only that, Amanda’s team is now able to diagnose what is and what isn’t working. With analytics that track visitors throughout every page, Yancey Bros. Co. determines which marketing efforts drive the most sales and which capture the most leads. Because of Landing Lion, Yancey Bros. Co. has streamlined marketing.

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