CUSTOMER Success Stories

Saige lowers customer acquisition costs 300% with optimized landing pages

Armand Saramout

Head of Growth at Saige

Company Profile

Saige is a personal chef service that delivers affordable, prepared dinners made to their customer’s taste preferences. 


Food & Beverage, B2C

Use Case

Saige used Landing Lion to quickly build landing pages for their social media ads and retargeting ad campaigns.


A 300% decrease in their lead acquisition cost.

The Challenge

As a mobile-first company, a big part of Saige’s growth strategy is social media marketing. Creating mobile-friendly landing pages for their retargeting campaigns was a strenuous project that would take weeks of back-and-forth with their overseas web development team. This held them back from reaching their goals within their target timeline. 

The Solution

Armand Saramout, Head of Growth at Saige, wanted to cut the time it took to build mobile-friendly landing pages. To get up to speed,  they needed a high-performance platform that integrates with other marketing tools seamlessly, allows them to build landing pages quickly, and AB test their pages to serve better content to inbound traffic.

Armand on his experience using Landing Lion’s platform:

“Landing Lion’s builder is like a smart design tool. The intuitive platform enables marketers to easily bring designs to life, no coding required. With A/B testing, visitor playback and multiple integrations built in, Landing Lion empowered us to move quicker and reach our goals twice as fast. There’s no other tool like it in the market.”

The Result

Once Saige added Landing Lion to their marketing stack, Armand and his team were able to cut production time significantly with the smooth drag-and-drop builder and automatic mobile-responsive pages. With Landing Lion, they are able to optimize pages smarter and faster using qualitative data from visitor playback and quantitative data from A/B testing. 

The in-house marketing team is now able to produce a series of landing pages within half a day, allowing them to better utilize their developer resources.

“In one week, we doubled our clicks and tripled our leads. Since implementing Landing Lion into our marketing stack, we’ve been able to aggressively hit our capitals and lowered our CPA by 300%.”

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