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Marketwake improves agency productivity to keep up with their growing client list

Brooke Beach

Founder & CEO, Marketwake

Company Profile

Marketwake is a digital marketing agency that specializes in brand strategy, identity, and revenue marketing.


B2B, Marketing

Use Case

Marketwake uses Landing Lion to streamline cross-team collaboration and increase workflow efficiency.


Marketwake can now create, test, and optimize landing pages faster, allowing them to get results and reach audiences with more accuracy.

The Challenge

Marketwake is a digital marketing agency dedicated to creating maximum success for each client with a holistic, data-driven approach. 


Brooke Beach, co-founder and CEO of Marketwake, wanted to improve upon the efficiency of cross-team collaboration to keep up with their growing client list. In an effort to streamline the workflow between their design and account managers, the team tried every landing page builder in existence. They even tried several that came bundled with different marketing automation platforms. 

Unfortunately, not one page builder performed the way the team needed it to. Brooke continued to witness her team experience the same frustrations in the design process and saw no difference in the amount of time it took to publish landing pages. One team would often have to wait for the other to make edits, causing bottlenecks in workflow. Finally, Marketwake turned to Landing Lion to escape the limitations of common page builders.

Brooke on the challenges she faced prior to using Landing Lion:

"The performance and functionality of common [landing page] builders are highly restrictive from a design standpoint. You can build from a template, but it was impossible to fully customize the page to match the brand you are marketing for. Everything from the constant bugs and clunkiness made it unrealistic for designers to test their designs in real time."

The Solution

As a cutting edge and agile digital marketing agency, it is important for Brooke and her team to move quickly. With Landing Lion, they are able to move faster than ever without compromising design quality or on-page optimization. 

The ability to fluidly drag and drop page elements within the visual design editor allows their design team to test out ideas in real time with no restrictions. With unlimited A/B split testing and visitor playback (along with other built-in conversion rate optimization tools), Marketwake is able to analyze data reports and determine which version of the page works best. The rich data and user insights allow Brooke and her team to gauge the success (or areas of improvement) for each campaign. Because of this, they are able to quickly optimize every page for maximum performance.

"No other tool has allowed us to easily design, edit, and optimize our landing pages as quickly and as beautifully as Landing Lion. We can now see deeper into our audience to dramatically increase page engagement."

The Result

With Landing Lion, the agency now has a simple way to test multiple creative versions for campaigns and, ultimately, optimize according to the highest performing campaign content. This allows Marketwake to reach target audiences with even more accuracy. Landing Lion’s overall product experience is so intuitive, even the content and account management teams are able to jump in to easily make edits as clients request them. Since using Landing Lion, Marketwake has surpassed the bottlenecks they previously experienced with other page builders. Brooke and the team are now able to easily create, test, and optimize pages faster than ever.

"The great thing about Landing Lion is that it’s so easy to use. Instead of taking up more hours from the design team or causing miscommunications between departments to make revisions, our Account Managers can hop in themselves and make those changes quickly. This has expedited our turnaround time unbelievably. As an agency, we have saved countless hours every single month thanks to Landing Lion."

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