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Quickly add and manage unlimited domains

Save time making landing pages

Feel the difference with the smoothest drag-and-drop builder in the game.

"When using Landing Lion to build my site, I got the same feeling when I bought my first iPhone — everything was incredibly intuitive! As a content manager I've worked with Wordpress and Squarespace in the past, but haven't been able to find something as user friendly as this product."

Anu Chiluveru

Co-Founder at Chil Creative

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Automatically built for mobile

Increase productivity with mobile-friendly landing pages that adapt to all screen sizes.

"Because the tool is so easy to use, it takes me 30 minutes to one hour to build a landing page that is mobile responsive for projects that would have taken me 4 to 8 hours to build in the past. Landing Lion allows for much faster and efficient work."

Nichole Maple

Digital Marketing Specialist at Carolina CAT

What our customers say about us

Landing Lion is powered by 5-star reviews, and we’re not slowing down.

"No other tool has allowed us to easily design, edit, and optimize our landing pages as quickly and as beautifully as Landing Lion. We can now see deeper into our audience to dramatically increase page engagement."

Brooke Beach

Co-Founder at Marketwake

"If you want the easiest tool out there to solve your problems, Landing Lion is it. Unbounce and LeadPages do not have the user experience that Landing Lion does. That goes along way. Customer support is one of the best I have seen as well. They listen and respond fast!"

Dan D'Aquisto

CRO at 2ULaundry

"The best site builder I've ever used, period. It's easy to switch between desktop and mobile layouts. The app runs quickly with very little latency, so it's a pleasure to use. Great UI design, and awesome support is always available from the Landing Lion team."

Shelby Stephens

Founder at Servable

"I looked at Instapage, Leadpages, and a few others. Then I found and tried Landing Lion and was hooked. Now I have a beautiful landing page that was easy to setup, works flawlessly with WordPress, sends all my leads instantly to MailChimp, and gives me clear, simple reports and alerts when I hit lead milestones."

Kevin Sandlin

Freelance Content Marketer

“In one week, we doubled our clicks and tripled our leads. Since implementing Landing Lion into our marketing stack, we’ve been able to aggressively hit our capitals and lowered our CPA by 300%.”

Armand Saramout

Head of Growth at Saige

"Landing Lion allows me to quickly test marketing campaigns and track the data without needing a full team. I run a startup so being able to create, publish, track, iterate pages and campaigns on my own is huge. Saves me a lot of time and money."

Alex Han

Co-Founder at Pupwalkr

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Rise above your competition in search engine rank with clean code quality, swift page load speed, and automatic SSL certificate renewal.

Build infinite pages

There is no limit to the number of pages you can make in Landing Lion. Craft, launch, and measure an unlimited amount of pages with one account.

Visitor tracking

Understand more about your visitors. Know where they are in the world and how much time they spent browsing your pages.

Session playback

Observe how visitors behave across every device. Watch every mouse click, page scroll, form submission and more.


Reveal which visitor segments have the greatest ROI. Landing Lion makes it easy to sift through mountains of visitor data.

Data exporting

Make more informed decisions with your organization. Easily export page performance data into downloadable formats. 

Event tracking

Know more about how visitors interact with your content. Track events such as button clicks, file downloads and link follows.

Maximize ROI and save on ad spend

Lower your average cost per click and boost your conversion rate on your PPC campaigns with high quality landing pages.

“We moved our pages from our existing tool to Landing Lion, with the exact same content. Our quality score jumped from a 5 to an 8 minimum and our CPC went from around $6.00 dollars down to $0.20."

Asia Matos

Head of Marketing at Hull

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Jaw-dropping templates

Choose from a rapidly evolving library of original, mobile-friendly templates that work for every industry and are easily customizable to fit any brand.

Instantly integrate with tools you love

Easily connect your Landing Lion account with other applications and online tools to streamline your workflow. Sync user data, generate more leads, and maximize your ROI.